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    ZiP .22

    Have been Youtube'ing some interesting firearms and ran up on the ZiP .22 semiauto. Most of the videos were about two years old and showed that there were some feed/extraction problems with the gun. Since then, it looks like those problems have been worked out and the replacement kits don't have...
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    Western North Carolina OC...

    I live in a little town in Western NC...Spruce Pine. Don't know if anybody's familiar with it but I've been tempted to OC here. Just didn't know if anybody out there has yet or is planning on it. I haven't talked to the Mitchell Co. sheriff yet but I already conceal-carry. Any thoughts...
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    Question about CC in vehicle...

    Let's say I am a passenger in a vehicle - not the driver. We come to a traffic check and the officer aske to see registration and license of DRIVER...not me. Am I required to inform the officer that I am concealed carrying even though I am not the driver? I've never seen this question posted...
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    National Park concealed carry restored

    February, 2010 is the date we can CC on NPS lands.
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    Right to Carry in National Parks

    I currently work for the NPS and have been a seasonal LE ranger. WASO sent out a form to NPS employees about this and wanted our input. I wrote a very lengthy narrative on the pros and sent it in and was so happy when the initial results came back that we could carry. We just have to be...
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    GOOD NEWS! Harry Reid says incom tax tax is voluntary

    Her is another link: Link Removed
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    GOOD NEWS! Harry Reid says incom tax tax is voluntary

    Income Tax Yup...never been ratified. Here's the link: Link Removed
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    Anyone in Mitchell County?

    Any CCW or OC'ers in Mitchell County?