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  • Drinking Beer is legal, but NC law says that alcoholics can not have a ccw permit. Since I told that therapist that I drank beer, He has Stigmatized me as a drunk.
    Here is something else; My psychology Professors is a Doctor. She informed the class that she stigmatizes every patient she sees with a mental disorder, because the insurance companies will not pay her for the therapy sessions if she doesn't.
    Most people are unaware that once they are diagnosed as having a mental disorder they are considered to be Mentally Ill.
    I Can Not Stress this enough; Do Not Ever Trust a Mental Health worker! Never Visit one, You will Loose your 2nd amendment rights on the spot without any Due Process What so Ever! I have talked to my congressman, senator, and my state representative about this, and they will not lift a finger to help.
    How is the new menstrual hut coming along, are you going to put a smoke alarm in this one?
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