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    Long haul trucker ccw permit...carry, yes or no?

    I'm an NRA Certified Instructor, and I shutter at what you posted that your CCW instructor "said". I routinely travel From Montana to Florida (and back) twice a year. Every state is (at least slightly) different, but understanding where you can legally carry is not that hard of a task. This...
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    This just in from NRA-ILA

    Dear : Over the past week, pollsters have identified 14 incumbent, anti-gun Congressmen who have gone from safe re-election to toss-up races. Each of these incumbents is being challenged by a pro-Second Amendment candidate. This represents an unprecedented opportunity to deliver a resounding...
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    I'm surprised

    Thanks for the link! That 1 Jan 2011 Just cost Iowa a Couple Hundred (from me) as we won't be traveling that way this fall. I am glad to see that Iowa took the "Montana approach" to recognizing other permits... "If it a valid permit, they honor it". We need that universally across the...