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  • Congartualtion Mitch, your are in as our newest member for Veterans and Guns.
    I slapped up this welcome for you on the group, you may be 'over-qualified' and put all us whining old Vets to shame, but you certainly impress me with what you posted on your personal profile.

    AZ USAF Special Forces Incoming.

    We are proud to welcome our latest patron to Vets and Guns, Mitch_D'Amour.
    Hailing from Tuscon, AZ (I spent 30 days of my life in a total coma there, don't remember a thing, after a base-ball bat up back of my head responding to a 911 domestic! 1995)
    A solid 20 Years US Air Force Security Forces duty makes Mitch trained to do what most dare not try.
    Still putting his skills to work as a Military, Instructor, (tri-service Mitch. or just for USAF personnel?),
    A well balanced social life of enjoying music, reading, shooting, chess, martial arts and Bible study.
    Primary CCW is a double hitter Sig Sauer TTT 1911 and Springfield Champion 1911.
    Affiliations include the NRA and an Instructor at the Marksman Pistol Institute and a CCW instructor too!
    Man you come to us with some pretty impressive credentials, which can only add to what we have to offer all of our members.
    Just in time to make it for Veterans Day 2008 I give you our newest member, please make him welcome and lets wait to see what he decides to post into our social group.
    Phillip 'Mitch' D'Amor has a catchy signature that hits home:
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)
    Regards and many thanks for your continued services to this nation.

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