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    Ruger LC9s

    Just in case anyone is pondering the idea, I just traded-in my LC9 (hammer fired) for a new LC9s (striker fired). Compared to the old LC9, the LC9s is a far superior firearm. Out of the box, I fired 10 groups of 5 at 1 1/2" average on a 7 yard range. My custom-made Kydex holster and extra mags...
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    Favorite Handgun?

    The handgun that I desire the most: Colt Delta Elite Link Removed My favorite handgun that I own: Smith & Wesson M&P 40C Link Removed A close 2nd place is my Ruger SR45 Link Removed
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    New Member Welcome Thread 2

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to my brand-spankin-new Grand Daughter! Miss Baylee Marie, 6 lbs. 15 oz, 18.5". Baby and Momma, Allison, are doing fine. My first Grandchild and future shooter...if I have anything to do with it. She will be raised to safely use and respect ALL...
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    Post your bike pics!!!

    One of the best rides I ever had: A buddy that sold me his '82 Yamaha Vision (this one actually ran!) bought an '83 Yamaha RZ350 with the cash from the Vision sale. For those unfamiliar, an RZ350 is a 2-stroke parallel twin (Banshee engine) with an EXUP valve (Google it...) in a...
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    Post your bike pics!!!

    Love those old oil-burners! Nothing like the smell and sound of a two-stroke at full throttle!
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    Changing of the guard...

    After much deliberation, I changed my carry gun from a S&W M&P 40C to a newly purchased Ruger LC9. Don't get me wrong, I love the M&'s just too bulky to comfortably carry on a daily basis. I took some time to do extensive research and to try other guns, and I finally decided on the LC9...
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    Post pics of your rig or your set-up!

    Not exactly "rough" roughing it, but it's how we roll. 1999 Jeep Wrangler Sport, 2001 Starcraft 2106. Taken at Pinchot State Park, Wellsville, PA 6/6/13 Link Removed
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    Post your bike pics!!!

    1981 Yamaha Seca Lightened to 347 lbs wet weight, carbs rejetted, HP boosted to about 70+, race clutch, '00 Mustang GT yellow, suspension upgraded, 16k miles. Older one will be uploaded when weather cooperates. All work done by yours truly. Link Removed
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    Kahr CW9 for Christmas

    My girlfriend just completed the NRA Basic Pistol course (I took it with her), she obtained her LTC permit, and now she needs her own pistol. She's been shooting my M&P 40c when we hit the range and she seems to handle it easily. She shows no interest in shooting my SR45...much less carry one...
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    SR45 Mag

    After doing some online research, I've gotten nowhere with a concern that I have about my Ruger SR45. When I seat a loaded mag with an above normal level of force, the slide will release and load a round into the chamber. An empty mag will NOT release the slide when "slammed" into the pistol. Is...