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  • I am admitting you to Vets and Guns as soon as I send you this, OK? This will be your write-up/welcome that I give to all new members when I let them in and also befriend them. Hope it passes inspection.

    Today we welcome mccoyjj. A father of two sons and a retired Navy Senior Chief.
    Hailing from Belle Chasse, U may all know I can tell you exactly where Luton of Birmingham iin the U.K. is located, but I'm at a loss for a state on this one, any feedback?
    mccoyjj does not list his primary CCW but does list a bunch he could CC:
    Springfield Armory 1911A1, Micro Compact and a M1A, Beretta 96 with Crimson Trace Laser Grips (HEY DUDE THAT IS A GUN I OWN ALSO WITH CT GRIPS, it is poetry in firepower!) and a Beretta Mini Cougar, a Rock River AR 15 (M4).
    His pastimes include shooting, scuba diving, & riding his (hog) Harley....sweet!
    Glad to have you onboard Chief.

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