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    FireArm Transitioning?

    When your traveling and entering or exiting a state in which your CWP may or may not be honored what is your most common transition from armed to un armed or vis versa? For example, upto this point I would cross the state line, pull over at a parking lot somewhere, retrieve my weapon from the...
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    Your First?

    What was your 1st FireArm? Do you still own it & why?
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    Versa Carry: A New Concealment Option?

    Theres a new type of concealment Holster out there if you wanna call it that, it looks kinda cool but doesnt look comfortable to me. Was wondering if anyone owns or has used this rig and your thoughts? Its Cheap but looks stirdy. Heres the link. VersaCarry Concealment System - YouTube
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    Condition 3

    Is C3 considered a Loaded Firearm under Federal Law? If anyone has a link or site I would appreciate it.
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    New to The Forum.

    Definetly enjoying and learning from this Forum. Well done and Thank You.