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    Carry onto government parking lot?

    As for the post office parking lot, you CAN'T have your guns on you or in your vehicle: Link Removed I didn't realize this until it was mentioned somewhere and I finally found this case about it. I think it's unreasonable and unwarranted. However, now I either don't use the USPS or park in...
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    In need of some concealed carry advice!

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    Travelling to Oregon with a Pistol Questions

    You also can't have loaded mags/clips in Portland, even if they're in a locked container (14A.60.010): Link Removed BTW, state reg ORS 166.170 voids their reg as it relates to emptying mags/clips (as I've read on other sites and it seems correct to me). We need a test case, care to...
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    A couple of reminders as to how careful we must all be with our firearms

    Burney Link Removed I think he had re-assembled it.
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    If it's legal to open carry, and concealed carry with a permit...

    MI Open/Concealed Carry MI LAW: Michigan Legislature - Act 372 of 1927 MI OPEN CARRY INC: Michigan Open Carry, Inc. | Nothing to hide! One of their guides: Link Removed
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    School facilities: pick up/drop off RCW 9.41.280 Possessing dangerous weapons on school facilities — Penalty — Exceptions. ... (3) (e) Any person in possession of a pistol who has been issued a license under RCW 9.41.070, or is exempt from the licensing requirement by RCW...