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    Massachusetts License to Carry Questions From a Newcomer

    Welcome First, we need to know what city or town you are applying in. 1: NEVER EVER apply for a B, apply for LTC-A-ALP= All Lawful Purpose 2: YES you MUST take some sort of safety course BEFORE applying, and the safety instructor MUST be Mass certified. Hunter Safety Course : FREE but...
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    Those Damn Democrats

    as usual, your argument is weak troll
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    Those Damn Democrats

    In other news, Sarah Palin supports amnesty for illegal aliens Link Removed
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    Those Damn Democrats

    Erik Ose: McCain Campaign Tried Using Assault Hoax to Slime Obama She accused a Black man of doing this to her surprised she didn't say it was Obama what a "Class act" you outstanding Republicans
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    Why I want Palin as VP

    RNC shells out $150K for Palin fashion - Jeanne Cummings - spent $20K to take her kids with her and when she got "caught", what did she do ? amend the documents to say her daughters were on "Official business" posts/responses here are classic RNC pays $150K for Palin's clothes...
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    Teenager: I Registered To Vote 73 Times

    McCain's the fraud ..................... Link Removed I'm blaming the entire Republican party and their masters for what these individuals did. (story was cut and paste so forgive for all those HTML un-formatted codes)
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    McCain - Palin, your true feelings

    I give you our next "possible" V.P. Link Removed
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    Massachusetts CCW issues by town

    Berkley is listed as green on Link Removed Green generally issues ALP without problems
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    McCain - Palin, your true feelings

    Our Next Vice President - Palin reprimands her own Supporters Truth is most people on gun forums are I've visited are 1 issue voters, upset about Obama stance on firearms so they docare about other issues. I think Palin is pretty/cute, I would bone, but don't qualify as Vice Presidential...
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    House Bill 1304 Support Family and Personal Protection Act

    The NRA needs to hire Link Removed , and his Link Removed.
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    Have you ever shot Gangsta style?

    Even CCW instructors approve of Link Removed its a long video, but the instructor explains why it's natural if it works for you, then do it, don't criticize
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    What do the laws say?

    It did happen in Real Life (similarly) In Rhode Island, a Black male tried to assist in apprehending a guy running from police officers, the black male drew a weapon to force the suspect to comply, the Black male was shot and killed by the other police officers, the Black male was an...
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    Tell a LEO you have a ccw

    IF State A, B, C , and D says, WHILE CARRYING you MUST inform a LE , then by all means, OBEY THE LAW and Tell the LEO MY arguments is if states M, N, O and P says NOT REQUIRED TO INFORM, then DON'T, you are only encouraging future rights being more limited. A COP / LEO job is to enforce the...
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    It's official: Obama picks Biden for VP

    I almost had a heart attack, if this was true About 3 A.M EST NBC had announced that Link Removed for his VP Mark Halperin is Link Removed that two GOP sources are saying that John McCain has picked Mitt Romney as his VP. If this is true, McCain will probably leak the information hard tomorrow...