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    Could the 2nd Amendment be abolished?

    Just curious if the 2nd Amendment could ever be abolished? Is this possible? I heard Barack ofaggot hates guns.
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    Walmart - LEO Encounter

    As I was walking in my local WalMart, I noticed one of my police buddies standing at the door. I approached him and asked what his take was on Open Carrying in stores such as this one. He replied: "I would ask, well, if it's ok with the store then I would have no problem. As long as it's not...
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    Wearing business attire - false assumption you're a police officer?

    Hello everyone, I am curious to know how the general public will perceive me while wearing my usual professional business attire while open carrying my PF9? Do you feel they will assume I'm an officer of the law? Just curious. All criticism is accepted. Thanks! Thomas