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    VA non resident permit, 45 day turn around.

    Why apply for a VA permit? Have you taken a NRA course or hunters safety course, EVER? If so, you're considered competent to obtain a CCW. Are you able to purchase a firearm? Not a felon, etc. etc. if so, you're eligible for a CCW. Do you have $100 to pay the non resident filing fee? If so...
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    Good news about the AWB

    While the author definitely sounds anti-gun, I'm happy to hear congress saying no. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is now the second member of President Obama's cabinet to get shot down by the White House over the politically sensitive issue of assault weapons. After meeting...
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    Congressional Democrats Come Out Against A New Ban On Competition Rifles

    Also, The NRA has a press release posted on their NRA-ILA site. Link Removed
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    SOME members of congress push for AWB

    Link RemovedThe alarming prevalence of imported assault weapons in the US has put our nation’s police officers at risk. Returning to the Bush 41/Clinton enforcement of the ban on imported assault weapons will protect our brave police forces and all people throughout New York and the United...
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    Government warns of "Militia Movement"

    I have been a long time supporter of Ron Paul, and as such read his Campaign For Liberty website. I read a very dissapointing article. What do you think? Campaign For Liberty — Peaceful Dissent and Government Witch Hunts   | by Anthony Gregory As most readers of this are probably aware, the...
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    Petition to stop the assault weapons ban.

    I know it's just an idea at this point but we need to get the ball rolling as this legislation will probably take a swift course from introduction to implementation. Please review the following- and attempt to get as many signatures as possible.
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    OK to defend yourself?

    I see these threads pop up quite a bit different scenario's, but with every scenario your justification changes. You can say "What if" all day long and hear a thousand different answers.
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    Mexico blames U.S for cartels weapons.

    The poor corrupt Mexican government is upset that our laws aren't as strict as Mexico's.
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    Cross-eye dominant shooters?

    I am a cross-eye dominant shooter, ie: I am right handed but my left eye is the dominant. I've fumbled around the net before and found quite a few "sollutions" to this. Some were very wacky like wearing an eye patch, putting lotion on glasses on the dominant eye (to correct the problem while...
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    CCW Holders that broke the law The above link is to the brady group's study of "Law abiding permit holders". They list about 148 permit holders who have broken the law with a firearm ie: murder, impersonating an officer, etc. They claim this was only...
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    Crimson Trace or LaserMax?

    Hey guys, Looking for some opinions: I wanted to get a laser for a Glock 17 and can't decide which would be best: Crimson Trace or LaserMax. I like the lasermax because it replaces the guide rod and doesn't change the feel of the weapon. However, the crimson trace has an adjustable laser BUT...
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    Reloading Ammo?

    Hey guys, with the prices of ammo skyrocketing, and most stores (online and local) being sold out, I started looking into reloading or maybe manufacturing my own 9mm rounds (for personal use). I've been researching for a few days and thought i'd ask some of your opinions. As far as the cost...
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    Tea Party!!

    Why hasn't the media given any attention to Tea Parties going on all across the nation!! Michelle Malkin that is a good place to start. People are standing up, and we should too!
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    Poll: What would you do?

    It's January 2nd, 2010- new federal law states that any person in possession (home, or on person, or in vehicle) of a firearm after July 1st, 2010 can be prosecuted for a felony, what would you do/ what would you have done? I realize that someone asked this but i'm interested in seeing the...
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    Colt Firearms, Anti-Gun?

    I'm shopping around for a new pistol and wanted to take a look at Colt 1911's. Perhaps I'm the last to know, but if not I think many of you may find it interesting that Colt does not have a website for civillians. It has Colt- Law Enforcement, Colt Military, and Colt Private Security...