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    Some bills (finally) up in the legislature

    Thanks for the insight. Have you considered offering to post your status spreadsheet on BFA's web site? That would be informative for all who are interested in tracking these bills. Does the OH GA provide a live feed of their committee hearings and floor deliberations? IL does this and that...
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    IL CCL - Change to list of approved states

    For anyone interested in obtaining a nonresident concealed carry license (CCL) in Illinois, be advised the list of approved states (those deemed "substantially similar") has changed. Previously, only residents of Virginia, Hawaii, New Mexico, or South Carolina with a license from their home...
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    Why can't military members carry personal weapons on bases?

    The Pentagon just issued a new policy to allow personnel to apply to carry concealed, personal weapons on military installations! The federal building prohibition still stands, but other locations on base, including in cars, would be covered and allowed under this policy. The individual...
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    Why can't military members carry personal weapons on bases?

    I wasn't there, so I'll just have to take your word for it. Without a doubt, good training and a willingness to fight can go a long way toward mitigating such risks. However, there is still significant disparity of force, and a personal firearm can help in many situations. Sgt. Ray seemed to...
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    Im moving to Texas-License from Indiana

    To directly address the OP's question, there are four issues to consider. Similar questions often arise here, and you could substitute any two states for IN and TX and answer the same questions. 1. Gun-Free School Zone Act (discussed above): Suggests to me getting a TX license makes the most...
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    NDAA Contains Military Firearm Carry Provision

    The U.S. House and Senate have both passed the latest version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) with veto-proof majorities. It is headed to the President now for signature. One provision of this policy bill requires the DOD to establish a process by which installation commanders...
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    Nationwide Reciprocity

    I'm thinking the Senate leadership doesn't want to hear much more from Sen Cruz regarding amendments to the Highway bill... so this one won't make it to a vote.
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    Nationwide Reciprocity

    I wonder what Sen Cruz has in mind in his proposed reciprocity amendment to the Highway Reauthorization Bill... Commerce Clause, 14th amendment, or another approach? I guess we'll find out shortly. Link Removed
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    Nationwide Reciprocity

    Thanks for the insights on possible reasons Democrats are avoiding the issue, and for the projections on POTUS support. Personally, I seriously doubt any of these will pass both houses. And even if one does, I believe most on both sides of the aisle, plus POTUS, are taking the short-term impact...
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    Gun-Free Zone: The Movie

    If you're interested in learning about Illinois' story of progressing from a state-wide Criminal Protection Zone to a state with a shall-issue concealed carry law, this documentary is for you: Gun-Free Zone: The Movie - YouTube
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    Military - residency status for CCW license?

    The legislation introduced last year never made it out of committee, and with the new General Assembly, all old bills are dead. A whole slew of new legislation to address 2A issues (many pro, some anti) are now in the queue. I expect to see something similar introduced again this session...
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    CCW, Anyone ever get one or know of anyone ever getting one in Hawaii?

    John Lott's latest report indicated there were 183 permit holders in Hawaii (as of Jan 2010): Link Removed
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    FL non-resident required training question

    You are good to go! Your Marine Corps training, NRA certifications and training, a DD Form 214, etc. are all acceptable individually or in aggregate if you want to overwhelm them with your credentials. :) See list here: Link Removed Go for it!
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    Nevada Recognizes IL CCLs

    Those with an IL CCL can now conceal carry in Nevada: Link Removed Note that IL does not reciprocate--NV resident permit holders cannot carry concealed in IL.
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    Deep Concealment for LCP

    Best I've found so far is a Remora IWB tuckable holster: Link Removed It employs a sticky surface to grip to your pants, and does not require the optional (but visible) belt clip. My only complaint with this or any other IWB option is that the belt warps a little bit where it rides over your...