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    Obama will require military to get his personal approval for U.S. strikes in Syria

    Here is my plan for Syria. This: Link Removed Followed by this: Link Removed Some of these: Link Removed From the east end of the sovereign border to the west. Lather, rinse, repeat.
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    NJ right to carry, case denied hearing by SCOTUS

    Strict N.J. rule on gun permits stands, as Supreme Court refuses case - Discuss.
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    Nevada rancher

    EPA and BLM surrounding this mans land over fking turtles and a dispute in fees. Last Man Standing | Washington Free Beacon
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    12GA Over / Under - 3" target loads??

    Possibly dumb question, regarding length of shell in an over / under. Ruger Red Label, marked for 3". Winchester doesn't make a 3" target load. Does it really matter in an over / under if you use 2-3/4"? Thanks...
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    Nebraska Crossing Outlet Mall.. No CCW

    "Nebraska Crossing Outlets Our no weapons policy is in alignment with other similar properties in Nebraska and is not intended to infringe on anyone's rights."
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    Colorado has fallen

    Colorado gun bill: Senate passes bill on limit for ammunition magazines - The Denver Post
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    some original art

    Enjoy. :)
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    Not by commission, then by House / Senate vote, but by pen

    Link Removed POTUS will just make it so.
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    Illinois carry closer?

    Link Removed Link Removed Federal court strikes down Illinois ban on carrying concealed weapons | Fox News
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    Romney's secret service detail makes a whoopsie

    Don't forget your gun when you leave the bathroom stall.. Link Removed
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    Whoops - Officer shoots self...

    Link Removed Curious what weapon he was carrying that went off when dropped.
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    Omaha, NE

    I will try to keep a good record of businesses here in Omaha that do not allow CCWs. Nebraska Furniture Mart No Frills Super Markets Ricks Cafe Boatyard