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  • Hi Kram, I saw your request to join Veterans and Guns, so I came here to see what kind of Vet you are, (just branch of service is all), I found nothing and I don't like to dig around in your personal profile, I don't want a copy of your DD-214, I take a patron on his word, just post something into you Statistics about being a retired or 3-year served & got out Marine/USAF/Army or C-G Vet and that way I can let the social group know we have another Vet who joined, I will admit you when you contact me e-mail and put something onto your stats, our patrons often go to a new members stats and may ask me why I let in someone who has not listed any Vet history, I won't be able to answer them without knowing branch @ a minimum, I would love to get you in but I would like you to post something into your profile that tells any visitor that you are a Vet, please help me out Kram

    Canis-Lupus (Vets & Guns point-man and moderator)

    P.S. Today (3 Oct) I let you into Vets and Guns, placed you on my friends list as I do with all the members of Vets and Guns, please put something into your stats here about your Vet status or post it to Vets and Guns, otherwise I open a door to others who may not be Vets but want in, a small request I hope you can accomodate for our credibility, WELCOME!

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