I am 56, married 25 years to a fine woman and have two beautiful daughters.

Hobbies include, wanting to build my own V-twin motorcycle, family & making another trip to Sturgis
Satellite Beach, Florida about 1 block from the At
Registered Nurse, semi retired after heart attack 2 years ago. Never saw it coming. But should have
Carry Gun
Beretta mini-Cougar 8040 and back up Kel Tec P11 9mm.
All Firearms
Beretta, Kel Tec, Charter Arms 38, 5 shot revolver, Lady Smith 22 cal, 8 shot revolver, my wife's.
22lr Rifle with scope for plinking
Have owned, Glock 27, 40 cal, Kahr 9mm, Llama 380,
22 magnum single shot rifle
410 shotgun.
Rugar .357 Blackhawk revolver (loved this one)
,38 police special nickel plated revolver.

What I want: Bushmaster AR-15 and to fly a F-15 jet. Then I can die, I will be happy. lol
To my family!!!