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  • Hello everyone. I am new to USA Carry, but have been a member of USCCA for a month or two. I have learned a ton from USCCA and my philosophy is that there are things to learn everywhere, every day if you keep your eyes and ears open.

    I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and have lived in Oklahoma most of my life. Currently, my family and I are bunking in Satellite Beach, Florida. Who knows what the future may bring but some day we will be back home.

    Thanks for being here, I feel that a CCW license and the 2nd Amendment is vitally important to our society,because, we shall not allow the predators to win, we will take control of our towns and neighborhoods. We cannot set back and hope someone else will keep us safe. It is not paranoia nor fatalistic to be aware of predators in our society who do not value life as we do. I will be as prepared as I can for the day that I run face to face into one or several predators who want to do my family harm. I cannot live with anything less today. I think that is why all of us are here, to be prepared.

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