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    Travel by Train

    Link Removed
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    Travel by Train

    The Wicker Amendment was passed 68-30. H.R.3288 became Public Law 111-117 on December 16, 2009. Link Removed Link Removed
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    Washington state CCW Info

    Open Carry WA is an open carry state, but I would not necessarily characterize it as an Open Carry Friendly State the way that does. I'd say we're a state in transition, and if you encounter an officer who observes you openly carrying, it's going to depend a lot upon the agency...
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    The Closest I Ever Came To Shooting Someone Was ...

    About 7 years back, wife and I were living in PA. Heard a knock on the sliding glass door of our apartment, some time after midnight. The blinds were closed so I couldn't see who or how many. Ran to get my pistola and the phone. Wife saw me getting the gun, and followed me in hot pursuit. We...
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    First interstate concealed carry

    I used to live in NC, and so I know from experience they are goofy about placing a danged lot of silly restrictions on the carrying of concealed firearms. Application process wasn't entirely smooth and painless either. However, SC doesn't exactly have a short list of places where carry is...
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    Idaho CCW Help Please

    Does not appear to be any such restriction. Link Removed
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    VPC Still At It

    Link Removed The VPC is claiming concealed carriers have killed 51 innocent people over the last 2.5 years. I found these on which have gone into some of the details to discover holes in the VPC story. More Bunk On Concealed Carry From the Violence Policy Center Link Removed...
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    Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World

    I'm not sure it's true Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in the world, but they nevertheless remain a well armed nation with overall very low crime. Nationmaster has data on Link Removed, Murder, Rape, and others. They compile data from the CIA World Factbook and other sources. Wikipedia...
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    Do firearm training schools recommend open cary?

    Officer felonious slain between 1999 and 2008, 530. Of those 530, 44 were killed with their own weapon, including one killed with a baton in 2003. Overall 8.3% over time. Low of 2% and a high of 21% in any given year. Link Removed Link Removed Yes, 8.3% is a lot, but remember that a police...
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    CCW Permit in Maryland

    Luck is relative. Almost 32% of the permits issued are business permits. Link Removed
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    Is carrying dangerous?

    Certainly anything is possible, but I can honestly say I have NEVER heard of it happening, even once, that a private citizen carrying concealed was approached and disarmed by a would be assailant. Not to say it has not happened, if only once, just that it's an extremely unlikely scenario...
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    Question from a disabled weapon carrier.

    Link Removed is not under the influence of alcohol or another intoxicating or hallucinatory drug or substance; Even under Federal Law, there's still vagueness that could be construed to allow in the state restriction in Link Removed.
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    2010 Income Tax Returns

    For all things federally legislated, always check Link Removed first. For S.2099 from the 106th Congress, go Link Removed.
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    Iowa May Join Ted Nugent... The Second Amendment IS my Concealed Carry Permit!

    Iowa sorta straddles the border between being a RTC state and being a Discretionary state. Sorenson's bill, Link Removed, looks like it never made it outta committee. "Vermont Carry" advocates have a pretty tough uphill battle to wage in most states. Alaska went Shall Issue in 1994, then the...
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    Question from a disabled weapon carrier.

    Montezuma, There are a couple of suggestions I can make. First, I do share your concern that the law seems sufficiently vague as to make me question whether using your meds while carrying violates the law. I didn't see any opinions from the AG's office on the issue, and as a private citizen he...