About kcormack

Retired Coast Guard

NRA Certified Pistol Instructor - Avid tactical/defensive pistol shooter - IDPA, 3-Gun matches
New England transplant, now living in Ohio
Network Engineer
Carry Gun
Pair of XDs in 9mm (5" primary, 3" backup), 127Gr SXT +P+ ammo. CCW's from OH, PA, NH, ME, & FL
All Firearms
A pair of XD's, a pair of 1911's, a pair of Benelli's (12 Ga. Nova pump and a 12 Ga. HK M1 Super 90 semi-auto), a pair of AR-15's (a 20" Bushmaster and a Rock River DEA model), a Beretta CX Storm (9mm Carbine), a CZ Scout, a Yugo SKS, a Colt .357, a Taurus Tracker (22LR), some Ceiner .22 conversion kits, etc.
3x student of John and Vickie Farnam, and of John Benner (TDI)