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    When is this going to stop!

    Saw this on lunch today. I'm outraged. The EEOC is now suing BMW and Dollar General because their background check ruled out too many minorities. This beyond ridiculous. Whatever happened to best man or woman for the job? Nobody made those minorities excluded based on criminal history commit...
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    Should citizens in the United States be banned from possessing assault weapons?

    Link Removed Saw this somewhere. Think it explains this thread pretty well. So to answer the OP. NO! No weapon should be banned. I want to own my KRISS super V!
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    Glock Question

    I have 2 Gen 3 Glocks, a 22 and a 19. Does anyone know if I can retrofit them with Gen 4 recoil springs if they're model specific? If anyone has done this how did it work out?
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    Gun Shop Stories!

    So there I was in the LGS buying primers, and suddenly the draw of the "Trade in counter" hits... Now you all know where this is going... I see some LEO Glock trade ins. They have about 30 Gen 3 G22's traded in. Price was obviously too good to pass up. Ended up walking out with the gun and 2...
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    Will Obama ban Shoobee's bow?

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    Glock Problems

    "With certain magazines, the gun fails to feed with about 3-4 rounds out of 15. When I say certain magazines, I mean a couple magazines I can count on to have FTFs very often, whereas some magazines I will NEVER have a FTF. " This could be caused by the magazine itself. The older generations...
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    Need Help with the State of CT!

    Folks, I live in one of the, arguably, most liberal gun hating states in the country. Follow the Link posted below to read a brief article on the situation. Mind you that this is a very left oriented media outlet, as well as a local one, they are not the most thorough on the subject. I will...
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    How Often do you rotate your EDC ammo?

    I've been looking around and I'm probably just not finding this answer but I'll ask anyway. I've been carrying ever since I've gotten my State Permit to do so. My 3 carry guns are always chambered and ready to go so all I have to do is pull it out of the safe and holster it. In the 6 or so...
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    Does anyone Stack Ammo?

    Quick informal survey. Does everyone stick to primarily one type of carry round? For instance I have a 1911, in the Mag is 230gr PDX1, and 230 Grain Critical Defense alternated. I have also carried in my .40 Winchester Rangers 135gr, stacked with 165gr Hydrashocks. Does anyone see any...
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    Pro National Pizza place

    No but you can handle a gun and shoot one at the S&W factory in MA I've done it. The major corporations are anti gun due to the liability of it. They don't care about employee safety. They have some liberal know it all A-hole telling them that if a customer or employee starts popping...
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    Anyone care holsterless?

    Just curious, most of the posts on here regarding CCL involve an adequate holster. That got me thinking I've known one or 2 to carry what I've referred to as "Mexican" (coming from the pistol tucked into the belt no holster as seen in old westerns) Does anyone else carry in this manner?
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    Carrying Concealed Weapons In New Britian/New London (CT)

    Found this on the CT web site regarding firearms laws. It is from the CT OLR and is very interesting. Link Removed
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    Joined the 1911 Family

    Bought my first 1911 today. SIG 1911 Tacops... Sweet gun! Been wanting one for a while... Finally was able to afford it.
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    Glock Trigger Mod?

    I know, I know, I know, Why would anyone want to mess with Glock Perfection. I'm not interested in changing the weight of the trigger pull of my Glock 19, I'm more interested to know if anyone has had any issues where the factory trigger has been too rough? I'm used to shooting a SIG...