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    Moving to New HAmpshire

    I was trying to find out some information. I am going to be moving to New Hampshire from Massachusetts and own 3 handguns and 3 rifles and was trying to find out what I need to do as far as getting the guns there can I just bring them with me or do I have to have them shipped to a FFL. I have a...
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    buying a handgun out of state

    I am going to be on vacation in New Hampshire this December and plan on visiting a few gun shops. If I see a handgun that I like and the price is right I would like to purchase it. Now I believe that the laws in New Hampshire would allow me to do this, but I also would like to know if anyone...
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    laser sights ????????????????

    I would like to take a pole of the knowledgeable members of this fine site as to laser sights on a cc gun.:unsure:
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    cel pal cary holster

    i am looking for a new way to carry my glock and came across a add forf the cell pal deep concealment holster and was wondering if anyone here has used this system and what they think about it the other system i was thinking about getting was the super tuck again any thoughts or opinions would...