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    Ammo For a Diamond Back 9mm

    I just bought a Diamond Back 9mm because I wanted a pocket pistol. I know you can't shoot Plus P ammo in this weapon. I already had a box of hornady 115g XTP because I have a SR9c. My question is is my hornady 115g XTP, would that be considered plus p ammo. I would like your input. Please and...
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    Diamond Back 9mm

    I need a little information please. I was thinking of adding a small pocket pistol to my collection. I was at my local shop and I notice a customer buying a small pocket pistol. I asked what it was and was told it was a Diamond Back 9mm. The gun did look good so I went home to get some info on...
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    Baretta Sub Compact 40

    I just bought a Baretta Sub Compact 40 today. Going to clean it up and go shoot a few rounds. My question is do any forum members have this gun and what are your thoughts on it. What got me was the size and the way it fit in my hand. Would like to get some input. Please and Thank You!!!
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    Shoulder Holsters

    I want to know what the forums opinions are on shoulder holsters. Do anyone have one or have had one? I was thinking of getting one for my Glock 27. I want to know how comfortable they are and are they safe? Looking for some input please and Thank You!!::thank_you2:
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    Gun Insurance

    I think I read or heard a report that someone is suggesting that guns owners must buy "Gun Insurance" when they purchase a gun. Have anyone else heard that, and what are your thoughts on it.
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    Range Time

    I find that since the low availability of ammo I had to reduce my range time. I don't go as much as I like. Have any others found that they had to do the same? I'm not a reloader and the ammo I do get I try to make it last!!
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    9mm Ammo hard to find

    A not so funny thing happen today. I went to the local Walmart to buy my usual 9mm ammo and they were completely out. In fact they didn't have any 9mm ammo. So I said I would try another store. To make a long story short, after running all over town I couldn't find NOT ONE BOX of 9mm. Thankfully...
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    Question about Western Movies

    I have a question I would like to as the forum. As a kid I loved watching "Cowboy Movies". I was fascinated with gun slingers doing all those wonderful tricks with their guns. You know, twirling them, flipping them in the air and all that. My question is, Was that a myth? What little I know of...
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    Will there be a change in the gun laws due to the recent shootings??

    I was wondering if any of the forum members see changes in the gun laws coming due to the recent shooting. I have read that there have been an increase in gun sales since the incident. What will happen to current gun owners if they do decide to get crack down on gun ownership. Just want some...
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    44 Magnum

    There is a quote in one of Clint Eastwoods Dirty Harry movies where he tells the B.G. "This is a 44 Magnum, The most powerful gun in the world, it will blow your head clean off." My question is, Is the 44 Magnum the most powerful gun in the world??:help:
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    Going to Chicago for the weekend

    I will going to Chicago this weekend. I have a Michigan CCW. I know Ill. is a No Carry state. I don't want to be in Chicago completely naked because although Ill is a no carry state, in Chicago people are being shot every day! My question can I travel to Ill with my weapon locked in my trunk. I...
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    How much is to much

    I want ask a question for those who have been into shooting for a while. I recently have gotten into shooting. I have been shooting now for about two years. I usually go to the range about twice a week. Tuesday and Saturdays are my days. Is this to much ware on the gun?? I have read some threads...
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    Alternating EDC

    I have several guns that I alternate for conceal carry. The main reason I do this is to cut down or prevent "Holster Wear". Do any of you guys do this? Or is it necessary?
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    Oklahoma mother shoots home invader

    Good for her!! She did everything right!!!
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    Shells in Shotgun

    I have an Mossberg 590 for home defense. I have taken it to the range a few times just to get the feel and practice with it. Since this is my home defense weapon and I am not a hunter, My question is how long can you leave ammo in your weapon without firing it?? I keep a few rounds in for "Just...