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    Reason vs. Force

    It is the "21 Foot Rule" and an updated research article on it is Link Removed The actual distance could be shorter or longer, and being within that distance with a knife does not automatically justify deadly force.
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    Home Defense but keep child safe

    Read Link Removed and follow the links at the bottom to the rest of the articles for a good overview of safe gun storage and teaching kids about firearms.
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    My 5 year old loves shooting.

    I have a CO2 BB pistol we took out behind the garage to punch holes in paper and tear up some Coke cans. Believe me, he's capable of both. I think he'll be getting a pump BB rifle soon, and he'll have to try out my Marlin .22.
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    "Community Activists" march in support of Oakland cop killer.

    I guess they like defending punk-*** kiddie rapists if they kill cops. Link Removed I'll save my pity for the families of the police officers, and my hollow points for the punks like this.
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    How many are enough?

    Pistols, that is. Right now my wife and I each have a medium to compact gun for carry (Cougar .40 and Taurus Millenioum 9mm) and each have a pocket pistol for backup (Ruger LCP .380 and Seecamp .32). Add in a Beretta Neos .22 for practice. She thinks we have enough, I think we have a good...