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    CHUCK such a bad @$$...

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    Any Home Theater fanatics here ??

    Need a little help. I upgraded my 51" CRD HDTV to a 65" DLP. I already know how to do the hookups (it is done). But my question is, what do you use to calibrate your picture ? I use the THX optimizer, and it looks decent, but I want it to just stand out. Like when you go to Discovery HD all you...
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    What Do You Carry?

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    Yet another reason why some should NOT own a gun

    What a p***k. Have to laugh at him... enjoy :dirol: if you hit play and says "video is no longer available, click the screen again..... it's there. YouTube - MY NEW HEATER
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    Finally passed CCW course

    Very interesting course, learned some new stuff as well. Scored 100 on both range and written. What was even cooler is at the end of the course, everyone got a 1 year NRA membership. Now I have to send the prints and app. in and hope it will arrive soon !
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    Hello, what a choice !

    Hi all, I am no stranger to guns, but I am FINALLY going for my CCW this Saturday @ Ben Avery through Rick Barkett. Here is my dilemma..... since Az has a hot/sweltering climate, I tend to wear basketball shorts (stretch elastic waist), and oversized t shirts almost everyday. I have been doing...