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    Indiana May Become 6th Constitutional Carry State

    This bill was originally introduced a year ago. Reports say legislators were too busy with other things to look at it and it's been reintroduced this year. They say it will be seriously considered this year and has been in the news past few days. Supposedly about 78% of legislators are gun...
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    Seeking Input on Entry Level AR 15's

    by Ovomit, are you meaning the melonite barrel coating ? Most seem to like the S&W MP 15, but i did come across a review in which the guy is po'd because they stopped using melonite coating for barrel in 2012 and have been using a proprietary coating. Also, wondering if anyone has heard of...
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    Seeking Input on Entry Level AR 15's

    I'm considering getting an entry level .223 AR 15 rifle soon (entry level meaning priced under $1000). I don't know much about the different companies making them other than S&W MP 15 and I hear Ruger makes one. I would appreciate input on some of the others that are available- their quality...
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    Combat Vet's Shoot Down "Good Guys With Guns" idea

    Combat veterans shoot down the NRA: ‘Good guy with a gun’ is based on a ‘fantasy world’ this is what scares me about fighting active shooter - if you're holding a gun cops likely to shoot you when they show up not knowing you're a good guy. Also, if there are other permit holders who decide to...
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    Citizens Encouraged to Fight Shooters

    Has anyone in other states/cities heard this or is it just Indiana/Indianapolis so far? I heard it on the news first last night and 3 times tonight on the 6 pm news. Because of increased shootings around the country, the IMPD Chief of Police has been on the news stating that law enforcement...
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    Alien Gear Holster - inside or outside waistband ?

    Thanks for all the input - i wound up getting one of these Uncle Mike's. May get a few others, but so far I like this one because I can put the belt to the outside of the holster and wear it outside or inside the pants and it keeps the pistol close to the body either way. It conceals a full...
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    Seniors Arming Themselves

    I hear about gov't and anti gunners calling for more control and regulations whenever they find an excuse... yet it seems citizens are buying guns in record numbers. I see this reported about much more in the local news lately. Just 10 minutes ago they had a story about seniors buying guns...
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    Carrying in a church?

    Here's the response I got from ISP - The link they provided gives Indiana's code on firearms as of 2015 and is pretty lengthy, but worth being familiar with if you live in Indiana or will be here for some time. As far as churches go, they aren't specifically mentioned in the code, so would...
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    Alien Gear Holster - inside or outside waistband ?

    I'm considering an alien gear holster since they now have one for the S&W SD9VE. Currently I have a cheap cloth/nylon one that is harder to draw if inside the waistband vs outside. Since alien gear looks sturdier, I'd like some input whether inside or outside is about the same as far as...
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    Obama Guts Military as Russia Prepares For War

    As of 2012, The US had military bases in about 150 countries (75% of the world) - more than any empire has had before. Stretched a bit too thin maybe? Can we learn anything from what happened to prior Empires? If nothing else, it's interesting to look at: Link Removed The closest I can find...
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    US Strategy in Iraq Increasingly Relies on Iran

    Rafid Jaboori, the spokesman for Mr. Abadi, the Iraqi prime minister, said in an interview Wednesday that Iraq had urged the United States and Iran not to play out their bilateral conflict in Iraq’s battle against the Islamic State. “So far in general there was no clash within the two,” Mr...
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    Right to Try Bill Introduced in 31 State Legislatures

    Just say this on the news tonight The bill was brought to our state legislature today by a 5 year old kid and his family. He has terminal muscular dystrophy and wants to be given the right to try drugs that haven't been approved by the FDA that might save his life. Right to Try bills were...
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    Insurance and lawyers

    St Thanks - I googled 'how much has state farm paid out in claims' and found nothing. You're very good with research and such.
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    Florida Man Recruiting Folks to Go Fight ISIS

    4 years military experience required : Link Removed
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    Help With Rifle Calibers

    As some of you might remember, I'm looking for a rifle, and the outdoor ranges usually open this month where I'm at (if the weather gets a bit better). The rifle ranges here only allow pistol caliber rifles. I like the 357 magnum lever action, but I think first I'd like to get a semi auto that...