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    Kicked out of Pheasant Lane Mall

    I visited Pheasant Lane Mall to stop at Chick-fil-A. On the way to the back of the line, some friends caught me. After a few minutes of talking I left and was approached by the head mall security. He stated that there was a no firearm policy (I was OCing) and stated that I could put the firearm...
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    Teaching someone that is new to firearms

    I am planning on taking someone to the range next week. She has freely admitted that she has never shot nor handled a firearm. She is willing to go to the range, but before we do I am planning on going through firearm safety first. I am planning on going through the following: The 4 firearm...
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    Bank robbery doesn't pay

    At least according to a recent cost/benefit analysis Bank Robbery Doesn’t Pay (Much) - Ideas Market - WSJ. I wonder if there are any stats of bank robberies with bank tellers armed and the success rate of those...
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    Talked with an officer today

    Had the cops called on me today while I was writing a parking sticker. All because someone felt that they were "entitled" (officers words, not mine) to have their visitor park in their numbered space, which is against the rules. The officer came talked with me, then the owner, then me, let me...
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    Santorum suspends race

    We know the Republican nominee is.... Link Removed
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    Interesting reactions today

    I usually OC when I do my weekly shopping. Today I had two good reactions today. I had reached for a bag of chips over a cart, clearly exposing my sidearm. A minute later a guy asked what it was I said a 19. He stated he recently got a Bodyguard. That was about the extent of that conversation...
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    Old stats but interesting

    I was curious about brady scorecard vs violent crime stats as they usually involve a firearm. So based on public data: Link Removed Brady Campaign 2007 scorecard Usually the Brady Campaign numbers come near the beginning of the year, so this data is as close as a representation of the laws...
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    Submit a question to the AZ presidential debate

    CNN has opened up for questions to be submitted. Lets try to get them to talk about Fast & Furious: Link Removed My question: What are your thoughts on Operation Fast & Furious? Who should be held accountable?
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    Gaining Multi-State permits by getting a Utah concealed carry permit.

    I just signed up tonight for a Utah class through Mass Firearms School. Its $100 for 4 hours and all the paperwork is done there. Not a bad deal. Check out the list of instructors: Link Removed
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    What is in your EDC rig?

    Just out of curiosity, what is in your EDC rig? When I can carry: keys G19 flashlight - Right now its a Coleman, looking at getting a Quark AA2 double mag holster Leatherman phone I also usually have a shoulder rig with a G26 and 2 more mags. I can't always carry due to work state and work...
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    Wisconsin to recognize 25 state's permits

    Wisconsin DOJ Releases Concealed Carry Recognized Permit List, Training Requirements, and Application Process
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    Thinking about getting into reloading

    I've been looking at the Hornady Lock-n-Load AP. Is anyone using it? What are the thoughts?
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    Looking For Competition Info

    Check out Link Removed Welcome to - Home of the United States Practical Shooting Association International Defensive Pistol Association 3-Gun Nation
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    Anderson Cooper covers Fast & Furious

    Maybe the mainstream will start picking it up more. Video - Breaking News Videos from
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    newbie at reloading any tips....

    I have been also looking into reloading as I could save quite a bit of money. I found Link Removed to be helpful on what is needed for a beginner.