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    1-4x Scope Recommendations?

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    Dillon Precision

    Is it typical for an order to take long? I ordered something Sunday night (knowing they were closed) and have not received anything yet. By anything I mean an email confirmation for my order or even a phone call to tell me I entered in my credit card number wrong or something to that nature...
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    Please Post (Springfield EMP)

    Link Removed In case you were still looking...
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    Cleaning brass cases, looking for advice

    I use the Lyman corn cob, I buy locally though at gander mountain usually. Link Removed Before I used the walnut and I was not a fan. I run my brass for about 60-90min. Gets the brass about 75% clean. Remember the longer you clean the case the more wear there is on it. Yes it is minimal...
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    1911 Carry opinions

    So I am patiently waiting for my Utah NR CCW to come in the mail. Being in communist Illinois I can not LEGALLY carry a weapon in the state. Thankfully I do some travel for work and will be able to protect myself then. I have decided I would like to carry a 1911, preferably full size. I know...
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    I 'm thinking of buying a FN-57

    I do not have the FS but this is a great source for FN knowledge; Link Removed one of the other forums I visit
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    Too much time in the forums

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    Need help with Illinois handgun laws: an interesting predicament.

    I would take everything quoted above and buy this individual a drink....he/she need it to relax. Well as I stated this particular instance was many years ago. You have provided excellent resources for todays laws, which is what the topic starter was looking for. I was simply stating an...
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    SAF Sues Illinois over Ban on Carrying Guns for Self-Defense

    The Second Amendment Foundation has filed suit in federal court in Illinois, challenging the state's complete prohibition on the carrying of firearms in public for the purpose of self-defense. Continue reading at; Link Removed
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    5.56x45 vs 223 rem

    Can someone please explain to me the difference? I am looking to get a SCAR 16s and it says chambered in the 5.56 nato /223 rem. Does this mean it will take both bullets? If so then why do the sell both bullets? Thanks for helping out a rifle noob.
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    380 ACP bullets

    Just curious, I have been looking everywhere for a good price on 380 acp 95gn hornady xtp bullets. Now 380 and 9mm are both .356 in size. If I find a 95gn 9mm JHP/XTP would that work for the 380 reload? Size and weight are the same right? Would there be any other difference?
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    just put it on layway today

    If you are interested in fixing the trigger pull; Link Removed I have not done to mine just in fear of not being able to get it back together.