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    LE eyes to be everywhere and record everything in the server in the sky

    Yesterday I watched a web cast by Rick Smith, CEO of Taser on their sister company's AXON product. Scared the hell out of me. After the scary big-brother technology he presented, he goes on to tell the audience that the time is short to get going so that they can use stimulus package money. And...
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    Do not fly out of NY AIRPORTS

    Actually, it's a letter from the Office of the Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice. I put this together in another forum which may prove helpful. Link Removed
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    The Basics of Choosing a Self-defense Caliber and the Proper Ammunition

    Good reference. I would also add this reference. Link Removed
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    Which One

    My choice would be the LCP, but the price you mention is higher than our experience around here. They are in short supply and some retailers have tried to get that high a premium, but if you are willing to shop, you should be able to do better. I chose the LCP primarily because the fit and...
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    Ruger lcp--recall????

    I have an LCP. I have confidence in it. Ruger customer service is exemplary. When I asked for the updated hold-back, they sent it to me at no charge. The LCP was the first gun I ever worked on, but I was able to make the change without much difficulty even though it is taken apart considerably...
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    List of Ohio CCW Instructors

    Dr. Albert Wohlwend 10905 Lawndell RD SW Navarre, OH 44662 Phone: 330-767-3597 [email protected] Link Removed
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    Fans of the Ruger LCP

    For fans of the Ruger LCP, there is a contest to win a holster now running on the LCP forum. Link Removed
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    Ruger LCP 380

    Check out the new LCP forum Link Removed.
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    Can someone give me an idea on price? is always a good place to start. Link Removed You can also check on those that have been sold.
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    Response time for CCP Application

    In Ohio you can get your permit in your home county or any adjacent county. Here is a resource that provides user-supplied estimates of turn-around times. Ohio CCWhen v2.3 -- Where is the best place in Ohio to get your CCW License?
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    One of the few things to enjoy about the political season

    JibJab - Funny eCards, Birthday Cards, and More at JibJab
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    Non-resident license/permits

    This forum contains a resource for creating an interactive map on where you can carry with a resident and one or more non-resident permit. Link Removed
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    The M&P 45c (compact) is here

    M&P 45 Full Size vs. Compact - Grips perspective Link Removed ___________________________________________________________________ M&P 45 Full Size vs. Compact - Slides perspective Link Removed ___________________________________________________________________ M&P 45 Compact - Hand on Grip
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    Looking for CC pistol

    Beginner's Guide to Carry I recommend The Beginner's Guide to Carry for anyone new to carry. Link Removed
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    NIHL - Noise Induced Hearing Loss

    While doing some research I came across this information I think will be useful to shooters: The entire article can be found at the National Institute of Health. Link Removed