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    American Tactical Importers

    Has anybody had any experience with this companies products. Just stopped by the gunshop on a whim and saw an ATI FX45 Titan 1911 in a 3" bull barrel with 7+1cap. Definately a nice looking gun. Fit and finish seemed very nice and for the money ($515) I don't think I can pass on it. Only issues...
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    Happy Thanksgiving !!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everybody on this site new members and old. I'm very thankful we all have this great site and a special thanks to Luke for providing it!
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    The NRA Continues To Compromise On The Second Amendment

    Excuse the ignorance of my ignorance. Will do buddy.
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    Think green !

    Recycle congress:sarcastic:
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    Legal to send brass in mail

    Just wondering if there would be any legal issues in regards to shipping up a bunch of used brass to some friends in jersey? Any info greatly appreciated
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    How's things whatya shooting

    Well figured I would start a new thread-the oc one is giving me a headache. How's things for everybody going here in the palmetto state? What y'all shooting and how often do you get to go? I'm shooting: Springfield loaded 1911 in .45acp-my favorite Beretta px4 storm in .40cal with...