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  • I might B able to help there HItoLV,
    Mine kicked in after I hit 100% V.A. P & T on my 3rd appeal/try, took about 3 years making me almost 44. Start getting documented statements now from bosses, co-workers, doctors and anyone who can provide factual truth that @ 40+ you need SSDI. Just telling U a mistake I made and had 2 scramble to get a shit-load of the same when the Judge who hears it decides/approves or denies it sets your hearing date. Also if you are an American Legion member they have free para-legals who will represent ou at the hearing, I wasn't even @ mine but he was with ALL my paperwork/statements and he spoke the legal language we don't, it flew/was approved in 3 weeks with a 'date of onset' going back 3 years, ka-chink, a nice pay-off for all the DENIED's I'd endured for 1,000 days trying to do it myself!
    Keep tracking/collecting substaiting documents and Semper Fidelis...

    Just a little bit about myself. I served 8 years active duty with the Marine Corps and did some time with Army Guard. I am a 91 Gulf War Vet. I'm rated at 80 percent disabilty from the VA. I'm an Investigator for the state and my duty weapon is my Glock 23 which will be changing after I pick up my Glock 22C from layaway. If you take a look at my photo album you'll see I like AR's and AK's.
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