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    open carriers will be murdered

    Link Removed im not even sure where to begin here..i dont think ive seen such a reckless idiot in quite some time.."just run him over and kick the gun out of his holster" ?...the ironic thing is he looks like jeff from
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    is it a sub2000 or tec9

    i was on the computer the other day and kinda 1/2 watching one of those SWAT shows..they made a bust on some home..they wernt too impressed that they only found a bag of weed but continued their search...then one SWAT started yellin "yeaaahh we got him now" and all the leo's went into this...
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    shooting in the woods

    I went shooting at the sultan pit for years.. i went on mondays or tuesdays and always cleaned up after myself and then some.. ive been going to wades lately and miss shooting outside by myself ... last time i went to wades it was packed with a 30 min wait.. its mostly a safety concern with so...
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    assault weapons ban!

    SEATTLE - Three state lawmakers say they'll try to ban the sale of assault rifles - which they insist have only one purpose: to kill people. The lawmakers cite numerous cases - including Aaron Sullivan, who was just 18 when he died in July, and Seattle police officer Timothy Brenton, who died...