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    summer time carry

    here in south georgia, a wallet holster and MR ME380 works best for me Link Removed
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    Considerations For Conceal Carry Location?

    well thanks, but Jim @ Link Removed has a better way to go. now there's some craftsmanship. Link Removed
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    Considerations For Conceal Carry Location?

    yes, RH'd. anti print panel out. also works for front pocket. never done leather work before - if i find another piece, i'll do better. my frankenholster next to my wallet which i carry in my left pocket now. it aint beautiful, but it works - the opposite of my ex. Link Removed
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    Considerations For Conceal Carry Location?

    yes, ho-made from an old purse i found for 5 bucks. since the pictures, i had the local shoe repair guy stitch it. works perfect. im very happy how my 'carry' project worked out with the micro desert eagle and holster. 25/30 years ago, i carried a beretta 84 in a shoulder rig - that was a pain...
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    Considerations For Conceal Carry Location?

    there is no best cant foresee what predicament you might be in or how you may need to access the weapon. i use a wallet holster because at least, i will always have it on me. i bought a gun specifically for pocket carry. i havent worn anything but t-shirt & jeans for years, so thats...
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    New with Ruger P95DC

    nice gun, nice price. i love my P93DC which i've had for years & will never sell. it may be hard to appreciate the decocker if your not very familar with guns, but its a great feature. you might want to consider Link Removed if you get it.
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    What Do You Carry?

    magnum research me380 - 7am to 11pm - in my ho-made wallet holster Link Removed Link Removed
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    Micro Desert Eagle .380

    its a licenced clone of ZVI Kevin, introduced in 2007 for czech military & police. great little gun. in terms of pocket pistol's, i wouldn't trade mine for anything else* out there. 100% reliable. Link Removed it's in this ho-made holster, in my pocket, all day, everyday. Link Removed...
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    Micro Desert Eagle .380

    between 5000 and 10000 rounds there have been some reports of small part failure. trigger bar return spring - #11 below - user replacement. Link Removed