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  • I think you left this message today, not sure, i'm not internet/forum inclined, i notice the number 1 on the left top corner of the site and kinda of investigated a little and notice the pending message, but if you left the message a few days ago sorry for the delay response. I try to answer anyone question directed at me as soon as i can. IMO most of your opinions statements seem sound, sometimes people seem to be defensive like that female Hollie, why she seem to think i thought she was incapable because she was a female or something, i don't know, that was never my intention or thought. People just interrupt words differently, the intent sometimes just isn't clear. Good Luck and thanks for your message.
    I'm Totally not responsible for grammar or typing errors... its the keyboard's fault.
    My discussions i have with/about chamber/non-chamber is... a person who target practices and carries a chamber weapon because they think it makes them ready is a FALSE POSITIVE, its training that should make them feel ready, if i carried a weapon on my hip unloaded and the magazine in my pocket, I still don't feel intimidated, do i promote that carry NO, would i be at the highest state of readiness NO, do i feel i can handle Most situation YES... because my training allows me to. I don't brag of my training, what i have done, where i've been, what i can do, its irrelevant... and i don't try to justify MY statements base on my accomplishments which can or can-not be BULL SHIT. Continue.
    Sometimes when i talk to people they tend to give answers or make statements to fit their strong opinions, and vary those statements to keep them on target with their opinion. I know if a person (private citizen) open carries a loaded weapon on their hip holstered, they MOST LIKELY don't live in a Major city or large suburb with a high crime rate. There may be some open carry loaded weapons states, i don't know of any, maybe VERMONT.

    If a person tells me they believe in carrying a chambered weapon because they never trained in a Israeli draw, or they don't want to think about racking when drawing, or they feel better/ready carrying chambered... thats fine, i respect their SOUND opinion. Continued
    I tend to talk about CCW conditions because most Major cities/cites don allow open carry, and since open carry for a private citizen is a tactical disadvantage becoming the prime target under confrontations. Also open carry allows deadly force to be the level of force use against them since the open carry person is the main threat to a BG intentions (bad guy). Continued
    when we (people) talk about carrying chamber and non-chamber weapons it creates great debate, and i'm always dismissive when people give reasons of carrying chambered because of unlikely, far fetch, unlikely, and almost fantasy reasons. To carry a chambered weapon in case of getting shot and being to weak to slide the rack to return fire is near TV conditions. JMO.

    I tend not to trust internet people who talk about their capabilities, training, and accomplishments in BRAGGING WAY. I tend to dismiss anyone who thinks their going to draw on a person who has a gun out and pointed at them already (excluding variables). I tend to dismiss a story of a BG robbing a store with an displayed open carry individual on premises. who the BG didn't take out from the start. Continued
    Whats amazing is that 99% of your ideas and advice mirror my own. So why exactly were you so dismissive of me? I'd really like to know. Sorry to keep on this, but a statement such as "You watch too much tv", was below the belt for me. Consider if despite all your training, research and practice, someone were to have made the same comment to you. You called me a fool gunsite and nothing could be further from the truth.

    However, you have made an effort since to legitimize the validity of OCing in the context of your posts and I wholeheartedly thank you for that.
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