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    Welcome. Glad to have you aboard. A lot of great folks here. Enjoy. I'm looking for that retirement mode some day too, but Michigan isn't very easy to find jobs in at the moment.

    My thanks to Canis-lupus (great name).. and lukem for the warm welcome and I'm looking forward to upcomming information which only you guys can tell me..
    I don't know if anyone received my post the AM, so I'll try again.I am retired from the USAF. I served from 1971 thru 1991. I'm recently divorced and have two large golden retrievers..I work for the post office and work nights..Has anyone heard anything about a (all states) ccw?? I would like to carry in all of the states instead of worrying about which state I can drive thru without getting hasseled(sp) .
    Hello to all..I am retired military, ex firefighter and carry concealed all the time. I live in Traverse City, Michigan.
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