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    Who are you voting for?

    Actually, it was closer to ten trillion..... give or take a few billion. (But who's counting?) GG
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    Situations of doubt

    Had my first somewhat serious confrontation situation in a long time last evening. I arrived into our Church gym/social hall last night to find the current "Leader" of our Christian Men's Group (75 years old, if a day) in a shouting contest (screaming ??) with the two coaches of the Church...
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    Obama passes "amnesty" act by Executive Order

    The "news" that Obama had informed DOJ to "back off" on enforcement of immigration laws, to the letter of the law, happened, IIRC, his first year in office. (... and I pitched the same "gripe line" back then too.) As for "bashing party", there is NEVER a paucity of "Obamaisms" to pick from to...
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    Durham Pistol & Rifle Club

    Over two years ago I applied for membership in the DPRC organization. (They had been actively recruiting at the Greensboro Gun shows for YEARS!) My wife and I applied, thinking all was well and fine and on the up and up.... only to be told that there was a two year "waiting list". Since I had...
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    Retired Joe

    Could it be that the NRA simply picks and chooses the battles it gets into? Having the wisdom to discern the difference. You see, a legal battle won here sets a precedence for a similar case elsewhere. All things being equal (which they most assuredly are NOT) it should mean something in the...
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    New Inspirational Poster

    Hell, son.... Print 'em up and sell 'em! GG
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    Denny's "no guns allowed" signs seem to be working.

    To be captioned: "Spread out, ya FNGs! One grenade or bobby trap will get you both!" (DOH!) GG
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    OH-BAH-MA! (With emphasis on the "BAH"!)

    Is it just me or does our fearless Leader sound a bit like a petulant three year old in recent days? "Pass this Bill! Pass this Bill now!" "Any Senator that does not vote yes for this Bill will have to explain....yada yada." "... will be driven out of town by angry voters.... yada yada!" Who...
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    Laser targeting... Da or Nyet?

    Got a topic I would like to see discussed. Everyone seems to like the laser "trace" targeting aids. Well.... some people do. My personal feelings on the matter are two: 1) I, personally, find them distracting. I was taught marksmanship with the ideal sight picture being focused on the front...
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    Poll - OC or CC

    Which did NOT quantitatively answer my question. I can summarize this under "expected answer" "1" AND "2", then? GG
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    .327 Fed Mags - Any good?

    Looking for commentary on the .327 Fed Mag. Have seen good reviews in the "gun media" on them..... but I always figure they are trying to sell me something. Would prefer outside opinions. (More than mere curiosity, I carry the Ruger SP 101 in .357 during warm weather [easy to conceal]. .327...
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    Taurus PT 92 observation

    I picked up a Taurus PT 92 (9mm) just recently, (no papers with it, 2nd hand deal, good price) bought a third mag for it right off the bat. Wife likes it because it is the singular auto we own that she can "rack" with no sweat. (Go figure. She finds the "Cannon" easy, but her 9mm Beretta and my...
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    No to open carry

    Looks like a night camo version of "robocop"...... can you imagine doing an eight hour shift in this heat in THAT getup? Robocop. Robocop. Hard to defeat. Not to worry, He'll go down not from bullets, but from heat! GG
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    In "defence" of the "Bad Guys".

    I can never quite twist my head or thinking around quite enough to generate "sympathetic feelings" for BGs "dispatched" by Citizens defending themselves. Case in point: While "poking around" the internet for "State News", I came across a story wherein four malcreants attempted a "home invasion"...
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    Why I "worry" about safety.

    One of my fellow State Citizens (I won't go into details out of respect for his family) managed to kill himself recently. While showing his friends his new .22 cal pistol and demonstrating the safety, he showed how the gun would not fire with the safety on. He then showed them how the slide...