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  • every and any day can be a holiday that's true best always to you but i do have my yule tree up heheh
    it definitely a great picture very professionally done imo as well the lighting the eyes is what got me too great shot! glad you enjoyed some my thoughts posted and again thanks for the request i don't come on here as much as i did when i first joined but i still lurk around at times sometimes putting in 2 cents here and there .......keep up the great photography work really nice picture get an avatar up for the forum too it's all good fun ...best wishes always my friend
    Thanks for the compliment Eagleeyes. I can't tell you how long it took to get that pic looking right, it was a Camera Club self portrait project. I think I may have taken about 40 or more pics to get it looking the way I wanted it.

    I have to say I have enjoyed reading some of your thoughts on various posts you have made in the forums. Thanks for accepting my friendship request.

    jus' stoppin' by to say howdy pard'ner what a great picture is that you ? best wishes always my friend
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