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    Yep, those days were really strange. Never knew who was talking on what comms. Things got better for a while after that with the changes from the old Am & FM to the digital stuff.

    Got sent to Germany after that and they still had the old crap too.

    Finally decided I wanted to get my degree, so got out, joined the ARNG, got my degree, kind of been there ever since.

    Things are a whole hell of a lot different from when I came in though.

    I remember the Drill SGT saying that anyone who disagreed with him could step out back for wall-to-wall counseling. I "heard" they had a thing called a stress-card for a bit, the card you show to the Drill when you need a break from training, etc. Then I heard about a "think-about-it" platoon... I guess you wnet there if you weren't sure the military was right for you.

    Now, I get the spoiled little snots (LOL, not all of them are) who wonder why they aren't promoted after having been in a month or three, etc. The what do I get out of it "Soldiers".

    I will say this though, they are doing their fair share of going to the sand-box.

    Just wish some of them were a little more mature before I had to send them there.

    Keep the faith, dry powder, good intel, and good cover.

    I shoot at Camp Allen. Tried Bob's, A & P, Superior, and some place out in the middle of hell (Pungo). The Marine range is decidely better for my health :).
    Give a fellow CPO a call. I'm stationed at NOB in Norfolk.
    LOL. I can see it now!

    I remember getting my entire section to salute a butter bar while he came up to us on a bicycle - no insult intended but an NCO would have known not to try and return the salute while precariously balancing his weight on a gravel road.

    Needless to say, we had to extricate the poor bugger and get him on his way to the trp med ctr.

    I remember waking up a few years back when some MP types were pounding in concertina segregating my building from the rest of post for some healthy dry cereal operation that became a movie with Mr Eastwood...

    Gotta love the theatrics of hollywood versus the reality of being in an armpit. Hollywood sure glorifies the looks of it.

    You are most welcome. I also salute you for your service. There are a lot of great people with much to offer on the site. Feel free to invite others to look at it too. I'm comparatively new, lurked in the shadows for a while then decided the site was decidedly useful.

    BTW, they have a lot of vets who still are shadowcats, the ones who got the bad welcomes from 'Nam etc. If I find out about 'em I thank them and apologize for the Hanoi Janes they met when they got home.

    Keep the powder dry, the perps confused, and let the Marines lead the dance once in a while, LOL.

    Welcome to Veterans and Guns gorknoids, I hope you enjoy yourself there, post and get to know some of the finest patrons on USA Carry. You are now on my friends list as are all our other members, I will be posting your arrival shortly so our other members know you have joined. I'm looking 4-ward to hearing some of what made you a Vet, as I'm sure are the other 41 members of the fastest growing social group on this web-site.

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