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    Traveling to FL, AD USAF with unique question

    I've got a New Mexico drivers license, a Georgia GFL and will be in a vehicle with NM plates. I'm on active duty stationed in GA but don't carry any personal ID that has my GA address. Any recommendations on what to tell LE if I get pulled over to make things less painful?
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    Obama takes aim at Arizona's State sovereignty...

    That was hilarious, should be displayed on TV before every Democratic debate or Presidential debate.
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    CNN Sarah Palin Poll

    It's not evident in her responses to detailed questions regarding the economy or the situation in Afghanistan that she has a better than cursory depth of knowledge of the issues, having the TV on very much at all probably makes that situation worse rather than better. I hate to admit it but she...
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    Can any one recomend a CCW class in Roswell?

    Have you seen the list of CCW instructors for the state? Link Removed I can only recommend calling some of these guys and asking them what they offer. I've got to believe with FLETC down the road there's got to be someone trying to make a go of it. Found this in another post Bullseye LLC...
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    FBI busts corrupt MA. politicians

    Awww come on, they found $90K in a LA Representative's freezer at home that he couldn't explain how it got there. This broad was just sloppy. Link Removed Link Removed