Our Chief Instructor, Keith Fisher, has 11 NRA Instructor certifications, including both NRA Personal Protection In The Home, and Personal Protection Outside The Home. Both of these classes get in-depth into the defensive use of a handgun. Keith is also certified to teach the NRA's award winning Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar. This is not a firearms course, but deals with keeping yourself safe so that you might never need to draw your handgun to defend yourself. Keith has drawn from all of this training, and training outside of the NRA, along with his years of handgun experience, including IPSC competition, to develop a very comprehensive Concealed Carry Course to help you become not only competent, but confident that you will be able to call upon the training you received to survive a violent encounter. Keith is certified to teach in every county in the State of Missouri, and his signature on your training affidavit is valid in every county. On top of all of that, Keith is a Chief Range Safety Officer, making him well trained to keep you safe while you are with him at the firing line.
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