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    Does a nonresident Arizona permit have reciprocity with Ohio now?

    Does a nonresident Arizona permit have reciprocity with Ohio now? I could not find a link after a site search.
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    Pennsylvania will no longer accept Idaho carry permits

    I'm sorry to announce that Pennsylvania will no longer accept carry permits from Idaho. Idaho concealed weapon law gets mixed reviews from other states - - July 26, 2013
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    Pennsylvania shortly will no longer be accepting nonresident permits from AZ & VA

    More bad news. The Pennsylvania Attorney general has changed 2 more reciprocity agreements. Pennsylvania will no longer accept nonresident Arizona and nonresident Virginia carry permits. I only have the notice for Arizona, but the PA AG website should confirm the other. There will probably...
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    Gun Research Ban Question

    I apologize for inappropriately grouping the three articles together with no explanation. I understand your point and agree with it regarding the Codrea article. He himself is not the one criticizing, or demonizing as I called it, but pointing out that it is occuring. The other 2 articles are...
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    Pennsylvania will now only accept Florida carry permits from Florida residents

    Non-resident Florida permits will no longer be valid in Pennsylvania. Here's a link to the attorney general's site: Link Removed
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    What is a "universal background check?"

    Thanks for the awesome pic! My photoshop skills are.....well....nonexistant, and I was hoping to find a gem like this. Thank you!
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    .380 stopping power.

    Interesting article! .380 is sometimes called a "short nine." It may not be so much about stopping power as it is about control and shot placement. A 380 FMJ can have increased penetration with less expansion vs. a hollowpoint. The pocket size guns sometimes have a little more recoil than...
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    A Kel tec p3at that may be in need of tweaking or retirement

    I have a well used Kel tec p3at. I have put many rounds through it getting comfortable with the double action only trigger pull, recoil, and not accidentially bumping the magazine release. The last 2 times I cleaned it, I needed to cycle about a dozen cartridges through it, as I would...
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    Another person who fell prey to New Jersey's anti-gun mindset

    Here is an article and a site describing an event in 2009, that led to an individual getting 5 years in prison convicted of weapons violations in New Jersey. Link Removed Texan passing through New Jersey sentenced to five years in prison on gun charges |
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    U.S. Eats Up Most of Debt Limit in One Day

    I thought the "Blue Mass Group" would have caught your eye! The article mentions Roosevelt as a "Fiscal Conservative," which is a pretty subjective way of viewing things.
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    Need help.

    Here is a chart that may help you "Troubleshoot." Link Removed
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    A different perspective on poverty in the United States

    I believe there will always be some level of poverty. There will always be some examples that are truly bad, but often taken out of context to broad brush a larger picture. All people are created equal, but not all people perform equally. I think that's just a fact of life, or at worst, a...
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    A Bullet tax in Baltimore?

    Some states like Wisconsin have seen the light and have made changes to foster freedoms for law abiding citizens. However, there are states like Maryland that just keep using the same old tactics from the Anti-gunner playbook. Link Removed
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    Pima County SWAT raid: Possibly legit, but still trigger happy

    As it usually seems, it's hard to get a clear picture from the article. All they say they found was firearms and gear, nothing illegal. Firing 71 rounds at one person seems to be a bit of overkill, though he was holding an ar-15. That's 14 rounds fired per officer. If a well trained officer...
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    Changing South Carolina CC From Resident to Non Resident

    Hmmm. Interesting link. It doesn't say specifically, but it does seem to fit the bill given that timeshares are deeded property. Thanks for the information!