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    .44 Mag vs .357 Mag (knockdown power)

    Which would be more likely to end a threat and also which one would be more likely (if either) to over penetrate putting innocent people at risk?:cray: I am Soon to buy a Revolver for concealed carry and would like some information on a prime caliper size even if neither the 44 or 357? please...
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    Is the Colt Commander REALLY the best Pistol?

    Is The Colt Commander really the best combination of reliablity and accuracy? please give some feedback im considering buying one.
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    Sig 5.56 Pistol is it worth the $$

    Is the Pistol Version really worth the 1,500 i mean considering its a "long ranged" pistol makes me wonder why you'd use a LG pistol for long ranged in the first place i mean wouldnt the 5.56 Rifle be a better choice ? I mean the Rifle i would think would be a better shot considering the longer...
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    Does Choosing a Revolver come down to just Caliper and Style?

    I am going to be buying a handgun for concealed carry, and I am just wondering if revolvers have a broad span of reliability issues from one to another, like semi autos or if all revolvers are just as reliable as the next. And also i am curious as to which would be the most ideal caliper for...