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    Watch This About The Clinton Mob

    Yes this came from a sort of wacko site but note the presenter. It’s a long one but find the right time cut out that B movie you were going to watch and prepare to understand about the shadow government . Look at the straight out in the open felony abuses of power. It’s long and a bit...
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    Thanks To Tax Cuts, Companies' Overseas Profits Now Flooding Back To U.S.

    It just can’t be true........ I just watched the news on CNN ( communist News Network). And not a squeak. I guess it was more important showing that woman arguing with the black guy and some car thief making his getaway, go figure. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Draft Dodging Commander in Chief Calls School Cop a Coward.

    It’s kind of funny the reasons they never took these guys into the military. I had a little bit of childhood asthma and I kept to myself. I also have had lifelong flatfeet. I join the Army in 1975 and walk straight through everything and did my four years and I jogged for most of my life too...
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    NFL players disrespectful taking a knee during National Anthem

    Well you got the lower part of the comment right at least. As for the first part that's just convenient liberal propaganda. Let these overpaid self important bozos promote their issues on their own damned time. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    San Francisco set to pay illegal immigrant $190,000 for turning him over to ICE

    Only on the Left Coast . As always I wonder if the ACLU had a hand in this mess on an otherwise rock solid case. I wouldn't live in that rat hole if you gave me the place! I see CBP just forked over a million to the parents of a young drug mule from a case in 2013. He...
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    When is Real ID going to hit FFLs?

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    Islamist compounds all over US stockpiling weapons in preps for “Jihad against Trump”

    I saw intel bulletins on this back in the early 90's right around the time of the World Trade Center bombing. Like the militias of the mid West the faithful all flock there for weapons training sort of like a home spun National Guard unit. They have a big one outside NYC someplace. Back...