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    Post your bike pics!!!

    Link Removed DLeeHarley in Idaho
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    Piers Morgan gets to Axe!

    CNN has canceled Piers Morgan Live! About damn time. Now he can go back across the pond to the OLD country with his kind of gun laws. Great job crew. We got rid of him with a little help of his own. Now lets see who try drag out. Hopefully it'll be Larry King again. Dennis in Idaho "Those who...
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    My 1st 1911

    Link Removed These were all from 20yds with Federal/Eagle 230gr. FMJ The blue (head) shots were the 1st mag through it ever. The 2 orange shots were just a double tap. Dennis in Idaho "Those who talk, don't do. Those who do, don't Talk!"
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    My 1st 1911

    I went out last Friday to pick up my first 1911 pistol. I was going to get a Springfield Armory "Range Officer ". Last week they were everywhere but I couldn't find one to save myself. So after going just about everywhere I went back to my Favorite LGS (Boise Gun Co.) and as I arrived so did a...
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    Open Carrying & asked to leave.

    My wife and I are getting ready for a vacation and went to our bank (Wells Fargo) to deposit about $90 worth of coins. I'm open carrying like I always do. They've never had a problem with it in over 5yrs. They don't have a coin counter so we had to sit there and roll all of it up. They were very...
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    Open Carry in Oregon & Washington

    I've been researching OC in both Oregon &Washington for a trip my wife and I are taking and I know OC is legal in most areas in OR. but in areas like Multnomah county it's not and you even have to strip (empty) you magazines. But I'm trying to find out what other areas are problematic. Any help...
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    Travel through Washington State

    Although I ALWAYS repeat ALWAYS check out info received online, I'm looking for information on both Open Carry and transportation in a vehicle through the state. If you could include links that will be appreciated I assure you. I think that I've got it down, but you never really know, now do...
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    Zimmerman NOT Guilty!

    George is NOT Guilty! Dennis in Idaho "Those who talk, Don't do. Those who do, Don't Talk!"
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    How do you carry?

    A Fat Man's way to Carry I utilize a DeSantis Thumb Break Scabbard holster at between 3:30 & 4 O'clock. It holds it nice and high, and with a very good gunbelt it holds it very secure and tight. The thumb break should give me at least a second or more reaction time for anyone trying a Gun grab...
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    Another College Shooting

    News reports a shooting at a Tech. College in Houston. At least 3 people have been shot. PD is still searching for an active shooter.
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    Australia's Gun Laws, Do they Work You Decide

    Watch this video and see for yourself what they think about their laws on Gun Control. It speaks for itself.
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    Open Carry Eugene, Oregon

    I have rode for over 40 years and to lots of places. Even took a dirt bike down to Costa Rica once! The deserts are wonderful, so is the Grand Canyon & Yosemite. But where we all live now is probably the best. Your in Oregon, Washington & I'm in Western Idaho! Great riding area, but damn cold...
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    Blacks Backing the NRA

    I just read and very nice article about "who of all people should back the NRA's" efforts to fight for ALL of our 2nd Amendment rights. It's very informative for parents of intercity youths who are trying there hardest to protect their offspring just like ant parent would. Link Removed...
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    Dealing with a Family Member

    I want to ask you all a question but first a little background. If you look up the word "Dysfunctional" you'll see a picture of my family. Ok? I've lost 3 brothers so far and have 2 older brothers and 1 older sister left. My oldest brother and I disagree a lot on Politics and such. I posted a...
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    We Know How to Stop School Shootings by Ann Coulter

    Here's some Ammo for you to utilize in confirming that CC works. Although we understand that position, it's the uninformed sheeple that we need to explain the facts too. We need to have verified and confirmed evidence of these incidents to contradict the stories like the one Ms. Coulter talks...