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  • Veterans and Guns is pleased to have a new member join us today, devildog.
    Hailing from some great scenic wonders I enjoyed during my 4 year stay at Fort Carson, Colorado.
    Proud Member of the Vietnam Dog Handler Assoc. Semper Fi! I have heard the VC were more scared of those wonderful canines than a Cobra attack, smell/sense 'em a mile out. Any truth to the Army tradition of awarding rank and medals to the dos our scouts/LRRP's used during 'Nam? I do think the Army did a crappy deal with the ones they left behind in 1972 when the U.S. forbade them return with handlers who had bonded more with their dogs than their chain of command, I have talked with some Vets about that and every-one of them ended up cracking a tear. devildog likes to hunt, shoot and fish, he's another Glock owner (not biting my tongue I SWEAR!) but carrying a Glock 30 and well associated with some fine organizations like the NRA Life Member (!), GOA and the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.
    I hope you find your self a good bunch of fellow Veterans here to be-friend, it is my honor to welcome you on-board.

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