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  • They should. If not check out this link FFL Holder Network Gander is overpriced and the staff does not know a lot.

    You can always call up to del-sports in margartville or the thru-way shop in walden and see if they can order it for you. I know thru-way usually has rugers in stock.
    Yes I expected I would have to do that (ship to an FFL). I have contacted a couple local FFL's to get that set up in advance of the purchase. I have been researching since June to make a decision on what to start out with so I am not pressured to buy anything. I've settled on a .357 Ruger SP101 snub and will later get a 1911 (45ACP), possibly a Kimber UDC Ultra or Compact. It's high end but I like the design. Will Gander in Kingston allow an out of state purchase to be shipped to them? I've been in there a couple of times and I am not impressed with their sales staff in the firearms/pistol area.
    Hi. I saw your message about after receiving the letter approving your CCW license you can purchase a handgun. Does that include online purchases? I have received my letter of approval, but when I stopped by the Sheriff's office to talk to the clerk I got a song and a dance that they did not have a signed permit card from the judge so they would send me another letter in a couple of weeks. I left there thoroughly confused. I had planned on making a purchase from (SP101) and having it shipped locally. Are you saying I should do this now and then bring my online receipt with me when I go to pick up my CCW card/license?

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