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    Received a letter from Barack today...

    The letter verbatim: October 8, 2009 Dear Friend, Thank you for taking the time to share your views about firearms policy. I appreciate your input and thoughts. I am committed to making my Administration the most open and transparent in history, and part of delivering on that promise is...
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    Be vigilant about BATFE spying - GOA Alert!

    I have forwarded this heads up to gun shops in several states that I have done business with. Total BS. Radical 'Regulatory Czar' Could Pose Problems for Gun Owners: While BATFE is ready to step up efforts at spying on gun owners Gun Owners of America E-Mail Alert 8001 Forbes Place, Suite...
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    Counter-Action Needed by We The 'Extremists'

    Link Removed I think we need to call our Senators on 9/11 as much as possible with how mad WE are to have this healthcare rammed down our throats and America does NOT take care of those that don't work, we are still a Capitalist society! Dr. Manning had a rather interesting take on these...
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    Ever think you'd see this in America???

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    Healthcare Bill (HR 3200): The Extra Scary Pages

    We have a great State Representative that went out of his way to outline some of the more interesting lines from the Healthcare Bill (HR 3200) that he discovered going through it line by line. I thought you might be interested in seeing them. Representative Curtis Blackwood NEWSLETTER July 30...
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    Alarming? or Not?

    Anyone else concerned about this FEMA Drill? FEMA gives a rather non-specific Link Removed. Homeland Security should be running a drill like this, not FEMA. A drill this size is RARE for FEMA. If it's 'anti-terrorism' it should be run by Homeland Security. FEMA is for disaster recovery, not...
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    When are YOU too old to receive Healthcare?

    Find out. Maybe the Government will have farms for people on pain killers waiting to die when they decide it's your time. Sounds like an excellent plan. :eek:
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    Dinner with the President

    I am a respect businessman, with a factory that produces memory chips for computers and portable electronics. There was some talk that my industry was being scrutinized by the administration, but I paid it no mind. I live in a free country. There's nothing that the government can do to me if...
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    GOA Ratings I have found the GOA's ratings for both the State Link Removed and Link Removed to be very accurate. In North Carolina, for example, we have Senator Burr voting for us, but it just ends up cancelling out Hagans awful votes. But we know exactly who they are, as well as committee...
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    Palin Resigns

    Link Removed Too bad she was more interested in doing what was 'right' instead of what was 'popular'. :angry:
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    Gun bans - Don't think it can happen, watch

    Awful Senator Hagan OH MY GOD! How the he!! did you get a reply from Kay Hagan?? My husband and I LIVE in North Carolina and have emailed and snail mailed her at least fifty times each. All we have ever gotten from her is either no reply, or a form email with the address no_replyHagan...
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    Tennessee - Alert on Park Carry Law

    Tennessee: Localities Already Opting-Out of Park Carry Law! Friday, June 26, 2009 As anticipated, Tennessee counties and municipalities have started to opt-out of the park carry law passed by the Tennessee General Assembly during the 2009 session. Please contact your local officials...
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    Do you donate to pro-gun organizations?

    I have found three organizations that seem to be trustworthy and use my money as well as any large organization can. I try to send $25-$50 when I can. I like the NRA-ILA, Second Amendment Foundation and GOA. I know I'm not going to be able to afford to be a 'test case' and pay my own lawyer to...
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    Persons On Terrorist Watch List Allowed To Buy Guns

    Census Do you think the Link Removed push is being designed to put CCW citizens on that list? If you don't answer your Census questions, like 'what time do you leave for work down to the minute?' and 'are you feeling overly stressed right now?', there is a $5,000 fine. But I wonder if there...
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    GOA Alert: Teddycare Makes Health Records Public - Anti 2A

    Ted Kennedy Bill Could Send Your Gun Info Into A Massive Federal Database -- And you could be forced to spend $13,000 of your own money toward this effort! At long last, Teddy Kennedy has partially revealed the health care system he wants to foist on the whole country -- and it isn't...