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    S&W 1911 E Series

    I don't think I've ever fallen in love with a firearm before, until now. Although I've not purchased one yet, I've been drooling at any photo/video I see online, and yesterday, I finally found one in stock at a local dealer! WOW! I think the E stands for EXCELLENT, because it really was...
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    Voted in SC Primary!

    Wearing my USA Carry Shirt!!! :) Link Removed
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    How Do You Safely Carry?

    Hey LocalGirl - ran across this too: Link Removed May be a good way to carry too - not sure :)
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    My recent trip to TN

    Just got back from a nice weekend in TN - was the first time I'd been there in over 10 years! I was happy to know that my SC permit was recognized there, and carried there the whole time. I did not know however that TN allowed open carry! We ordered pizza one night, and the delivery driver...
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    Gadsden Flag

    So I was playing around with Photoshop last week, and came up with these: Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed High resolution of all these are posted on my blog - and a zip file with all of them. Enjoy! Link Removed
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    Remington Moment

    Could I trouble you for a vote? Heck, post your own Remington Moment, and I'll vote for you! :) Thanks! Link Removed
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    Can I get Vote?

    Humbly asking for your clicks... :) Link Removed Please Vote for: "First time Dad/Son hunting" Link Removed Thanks for your vote!
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    SC CWP range test question

    Here's my target from my CWP class :) Link Removed
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    Camp Carry - in GA

    I have a SC CWP, which isn't reciprocated to GA, so am wondering how to handle my up-coming visit to GA. I know traveling through GA I can put in glove-box, but this summer I'll be in Toccoa Falls at a Summer Camp for a week. Because my SC CWP isn't recognized in GA I don't plan on carrying...
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    Cell Pal holster

    Here's my whole schmeal on Crossbreed Holsters - in my own experience: (I had posted on another forum, and copied here - hope it helps) My Stats: Carry Piece: Springfield XD .45 Compact Holster: Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe, Cowhide, steel clips with cross cutout*, no combat cut* Belt...
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    iPhone CCW App

    Ran across this today - Legal Heat: 50 State Guide to Firearm Laws
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    First kill of '09

    Well, this morning, I got my first kill. A small doe, running across a meadow, about 65 yards away. I threw up the 30/30, tracked ahead a bit, and pulled the trigger! Unfortunately, the shot went into the hind quarters, ruining both hind quarter meat, but I still got an Igloo cooler full of...
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    My New to me, classic Marlin 30AW 30/30

    Brought home a little beauty today - a Marlin 30AW, chambered in 30/30. It will serve as my deer rifle, and planning on using it this Saturday morning So I took it out, and wanted to make sure it was sighted in OK. Below is the target. 70 yards, 4 shots, all on black. I know, I know, it's not...
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    Rebate on Remington Guns / Ammo

    Link Removed Get a rebate on Remington ammo and firearms :) Not bad - $2.50/box of ammo
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    AR Problem - Help me! :)

    OK, I just finished my AR last week - have not had a chance to shoot it yet, but in my fondling, I noticed a big problem. I will say this first - I purchased a complete lower, and complete upper - only "assembly was putting the two together. So the problem: I pull the charging handle back...