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    Limber or Para?

    Have a Kimber ultra crimson carry and love it! Dead on, easy to shoot and easier to carry! Breakdown is rough but if you buy it, check out this site for a tool that makes it a very quick and easy no brainer. Link Removed
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    1911 compare question

    The Springfield 1911 A1 Range Officer or the Ruger SR 1911. One will be my next weapon. Just looking for facts and experience with these two ONLY! No plastics or polymers. No rants please. Thanks.
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    1911 holster

    Check out Peters Custom Leather. Link Removed I had him make me an owb for a Kimber ultra crimson compact. Great craftsmanship and price.
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    New to here. .45 opinions

    Well, I went ahead and bought a Kimber ultra crimson carry ll instead. From what I heard, the Remington stinks and I guess I'll have to get the Ruger next time. Also ordered a custom owb leather pancake holster from Peters Custom Leather (Link Removed). Will let all know how that is when I...
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    New to here. .45 opinions

    Hi, new the group but follow on Twitter. Ruger sr1911 or Remington 1911 r1. Thoughts and opinions? Also the hogue PowerSpeed™ Universal Speed Holster. Can't decide. looking for advice. Thanx.