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    Walther ppk/s.22

    I got one ! And I love it. But be aware its very picky on what ammo it uses. I sent mine back to factory, just to be told there was nothing wrong with it. Walther asked me what ammo I was using . I told them I had used three different types. I asked them what brand they used to test it. They...
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    .22 cci mini mag in stock.

    .22 cci in stock @cabellas in Ft.Worth, Tx tonight 10/23/13 runs for about $9.00 per 100 rd. Box . Limit 1 box per customer per day.
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    I bought a new k40 ! Guide rod chewed up first time to range . Sent to kahr . Got it back shot approximately 40 rounds guide rod chewed up again. Is ir me or what? Anybody else have this problem?