Profile: Occupation: Retired, Award Winning, Real Estate Broker; And Dual Certified Appraiser.

Legend: Proud To Be A Christian! NRA Life Member. Certified Firearms Instructor (5 Disciplines). Competent Pistolsmith. Knowledgeable (But Uncertified) Glock Armorer. Expert AR-15 Mechanic. Heavily Experienced Metallic Cartridge, And Shotshell Handloader.

Among My Other Careers, I Am A (Well Published) Freelance Author, As Well As The Original Administrator Of Facebook’s: ‘Survival, Preparation, And Homesteading’ Group Page.

Avocations: My Hobbies Include: Precision Long-Range Rifle Work, Combat Handgunning, Pistolsmithing, And Metallic Cartridge Handloading. Guard And Search Dog Training, Along With Feral Cat Rescues, And Continued Daily Study Of: The Holy (KJV) Bible, Tibetan Yoga, English Language, And Fundamental Mathematics.
Penn's Woods
Are you in the firearm industry?
  1. Firearms Instructor
  2. Gun Range
  3. Gun Store
  4. Gunsmith
Retired Award-Winning Real Estate Broker & Dual-Certified Appraiser
Carry Gun
Custom Glock Model 21
NRA Life Member & Multi-Certified Firearms Instructor
What manufacturer makes the G17?
Does a revolver take a clip or a magazine?
Moon Clip, or 1/2 Moon Clip


"No matter which mundane government is referred to: In the entire history of the human species—of civilization, itself—the greatest risk of mass genocide is to be found in the now universally available, and increasingly government mandated distribution of these highly toxic Covid-19 injections." ~ Dr. Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize Winning Virologist.


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