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    MD Rural County's lead in fight for "shall Issue" CCW Permits

    MD Rural County's lead in fight for "shall Issue" CCW Permits:pleasantry: ************************************************** **** The Herald-Mail Maryland Advocates of localized handgun permitting see it as a step Activists see Md. as a ‘may issue’ state rather than a ‘shall issue’ one By...
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    List Of Maryland Gun Ranges

    North American Rod And Gun Club ( Hagerstown, MD) 12108 Belvedere Road Hagerstown, MD 21742 301-739-4440 Link Removed :pleasantry:
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    Maryland Does infact have a Castle doctrine! Good Afternoon My Fellow MD Gun Packers. Listen, I had a chance to speak to my Uncle.He is a Circuit court Judge in Baltimore, M.D. I was leaning on him over this weekends Family reunion about how sucky our laws are in MD regarding...
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    Living By The Gun In Yemen! A nice video clip I found about Yemen Life style with Guns.
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    Non-Resident application!

    Hello Guys, I am mooving into my second month of waiting for my FL concealed carry permit. I understand that it can take up to 3 months, but just for my own awareness, How long did it take to recieve yours?? Thanks, Create.